September 16, 2002


Ketan and I went to the NCNI meeting this morning at MCNC. Met Tyler Johnson and a few other people. We presented our suggestions for implementing this video quality prediction system.

One thing which was suggested was to pipe reconstructed video through a video card's TV-out port, then re-digitize it for analysis. The reasoning being that this would let you run the oracle on any codec or application without needing source code to dump the frames to disk. On one hand, you'd essentially be taking the reconstructed video and repurposing it to NTSC before analysis, which would introduce additional artifacts. However, it is true that a number of participants will be displaying received video on television or projector systems anyway.

First step now is to try and get some YUV data to run through the free VQM Software and get some idea of how long it takes to actually run a simulation. Ketan and I were thinking it would be possible to grab YUV frames out of Open Mash vic quite easily.

At the moment, I'm installing FreeBSD on Effie.

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