June 17, 2013

Nami & Kiba - Away From Home

nami.pngI just got back from a very short trip, to bring Nami & Kiba to my parents' house in New York. They're going to be living there from now on. I feel horrible and miserable and like I'm going to throw up all the time.

kiba.pngSo I can check on them I set up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Skype set to auto-answer. It's permanently plugged in and facing the room, so if I dial in then it will show me the room, allowing me to see and hear them, as well as speak to them. I bought the 10.1" screen because even though they can't really tell it's me on the display it might be a little easier for them if the video is bigger.

Unfortunately the picture quality is a little poor, in part because Skype doesn't have the best encoder setup but also because the Wi-Fi signal in their room is a little weak. But when I call at least they can hear me. Detective Nami investigated right away, and turns to look when I call. Kiba came over when he heard me calling his name, but I'm worried he is disappointed when he can't find me.

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