April 27, 2008

New Leather Chair

I finally found the leather chair I've been looking for after weeks of visiting random furniture stores. I knew the style I wanted. Somewhat squarish with good armrests, and it needed to be leather so it would be easy to clean and the cats won't damage it. But they're always expensive.

But, I finally found a single chair that was in the back, marked down because it didn't get purchased as part of the set by someone else. Needed some cleaning, but only $200. Now I'll finally have a chair for upstairs. I've been sitting on one beanbag instead of two lately because Chie peed on one of them.

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April 13, 2008

Visiting Karen

Karen will be leaving to Switzerland soon. I have to remember it's Switzerland and not Sweden by remembering it's the neutral place. She and Sebastian are moving there, because Sebastian got a professorship at the University. It's going to be a big change for her, and this'll probably be the last time I get to see her for a few years.

We drove up and then took BART into San Francisco to meet up with some of her other friends. Ended up going around to a few bars and just hanging out. One place was really tiny and crowded and the music was really loud. The other place was larger and so we had more room. Played one of those cheap video game kiosks and some darts. A bunch of people were playing beer pong in the back room. Looked kind of gross considering everywhere the ping pong ball was going.

Anyway, Karen had a lot of fun so that's good. It'll give her a good memory before leaving.

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