September 11, 2002

Preparing for NCNI

I met with Ketan just a little while ago and we talked about the NCNI meeting that's coming up this Monday at 9am. We need to present our findings and propose a solution for predicting video quality based on network measurements. I need to write up a one or two page hand-out for the meeting that does this.

Ketan agrees with me that the best video quality model (VQM) to go with is the one detailed in NTIA Report 02-392. This model is the result of years of research by the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences and has several advantages over the other two models I came across:

  • The model is fully specified in the 120 page report. All of the mathematics and formulas are described in detail.
  • The document provides specific quality evalution formulas for broadcast and video conferencing video streams.
  • VQM Software is available free for research purposes.

The other half involves implementing what Ketan has named the <music type="spooky">Oracle</music>. This is the deployment architecture he thinks would make a killer impact on the use of our research. Basically, what this would do is let end-users use a very lightweight application to make link measurements between themselves. They can then send this information to the <hands movement="wavy">Oracle</hands> along with information about the type of video they will be transmitting, and then receive a prediction that says if the video quality will be good or bad. The <sound source="thunder">Oracle</sound> machine would be a central server in our control which would use the provided link data to determine video quality, based on a specific test stream(s). One way to do this would be to actually transmit the video to itself while conforming to the provided network data and running the reconstructed video through the VQM software.

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