October 9, 2002

More Dumping to Disk

Since I don't want to dump frames to disk all the time, I made some further modifications to Open Mash and specifically vic. Now you can type in a filename and click on a checkbox to start capturing frames to disk right after they are grabbed by the capture device. This is important because it lets me choose when to start and stop recording. Without this, the dump file would have to be post-processed to only include the portion of video I'm interested in. I'm thinking about doing the same thing for reconstructed video, but since I don't really need to do that that may not happen. I haven't decided whether or not to commit my UI changes back into CVS. Maybe I'll just comment out the Tcl/Tk code that draws the UI for this feature and commit everything that way. I'm going to commit my changes to codec/device.[h|cc] no matter what, though, because that append function will be incredibly useful for someone else later on.

I also met with Ketan for our weekly meeting and gave him a progress report. The two of us tracked down where to dump the RTP packet data in rtp/session-rtp.cc. So I'll add that shortly. I'm going to try and link the dumping of the YUV frames to the dumping of the RTP packet data, which will make it much easier to output synchronized RTP packets and the YUV frames being stuffed into those packets. If they are out of sync, then any comparisons will obviously be inaccurate.

No news yet on the licensing for the VQM Software. I've emailed them again to see how that's coming along.

Posted by josuah at October 9, 2002 10:34 PM UTC+00:00

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