October 2, 2002

Vidcap(3|4) Installed

Yesterday the ghosted vidcap3-cs and vidcap4-cs machines were returned to the DiRT lab. Today I installed the FreeBSD partition with 4.6.2-RELEASE and a DiRT kernel. So those machines are pretty much ready for some video capture testing with the cameras in 155 Sitterson.

I also had my meeting with Ketan today. We talked a little bit about the data path for this system. After I install Open Mash on these vidcap machines, my first objective will be to start capturing video from the cameras and dump the raw YUV frames to disk. Afterwards, those raw frames need to be read back into vic as a source and encapsulated in RTP packets which will also be dumped to disk. Those packets can then be sent out for test purposes without going through the encoding process again. Finally, a receiving vic needs to dump the raw YUV frames of the reconstructed video out to disk for comparison by the VQM Software.

Posted by josuah at October 2, 2002 10:27 PM UTC+00:00

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