November 26, 2002

NCNI Meeting

Ketan and I attended another NCNI meeting today. Most of the time was spent discussing the path characteristics program a different student is working on. The information gathered by that program would eventually be used by our oracle to model the transmission link.

As for my project, we told people where we are right now. Tyler said he would get us some real video footage in digitized format (hopefully) which we can use to generate our actual test library. Ketan has seen mention of some sort of open video test library which I will look for. That might provide us with some good test footage, assuming it has the video in raw form and not after it has been encoded. Otherwise we would be degrading an already degraded stream. I also need to test out the Win32 version of the VQM Software. This will need to be automated somehow, and that might prove very difficult if the software is entirely GUI based.

Regarding my other project, the TiVo Nation simulator, I need to get a few more graphs, including one where the TiVo-Human cache policy becomes increasingly aware of the total object space. Looks like I'll be generating another several thousand data points. By the time Ketan gets back from his trip/vacation, I should have all those plots finished up so we can just put together the paper for submission.

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