January 29, 2003

NCNI Dumps & IOXperts Compression Types

Today I dumped three different sequences of approximately 8 seconds from the DV tape given to me by Tyler Johnson. The first is just video focused on a lecturer. The second switches from the lecturer to part of the audience. And the third switches from a projection to the lecturer. It's strange though, that the playback time calculations seem to indicate up to 12 seconds of video. However, that might be because I'm printing information to STDOUT while recasting the RTP packets.

I also worked a little bit on Open Mash and checked the compression types available in the IOXperts FireWire WebCam driver, but the only value returned was the default component YUV format (unless I am traversing the returned list incorrectly). The video digitizer doesn't return an error code when I set it to that format either. But for some reason I'm still not getting frame grabs.

Posted by josuah at January 29, 2003 1:03 AM UTC+00:00

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