January 6, 2003

VQM Batch Processing & Non-blocking Video Digitizer Polling

I just got an email back from Stephen Wolf about batch processing with the VQM Software. They have support for that under the UNIX versions, but not the Windows version. Not that surprising, since Windows does not do the command line or remote/automatic program execution very well. (Something Microsoft doesn't like to admit, but they know about. Recent leaked documents show this.) UNC doesn't have any of the UNIX machines needed to run the UNIX versions, but Stephen did mention there is a Linux version in the works. I've got a little bit of time before I really need to automate the VQM Software, since NCNI is still working on getting the stock video footage for me.

Unrelated, Claudio Allocchio is going to run some audio and video tests under Mac OS 10.1.5 tomorrow. The audio response time should be much better as I described in an earlier entry. But there are problems with the IOXperts beta FireWire WebCam driver. I've sent Claudio a version of the video capture code that switches from blocking to non-blocking polling of the video digitizer. This lets the Tk thread get back to handling other events. I don't think this will fix the capture problem, but it should stop vic from getting stuck in the polling loop and freezing for the user. Hopefully some error messages will get printed out or something which might explain what's wrong with the video code with the beta driver.

Posted by josuah at January 6, 2003 10:54 PM UTC+00:00

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