March 12, 2003

NCSU + UNC Integration

I met with Vinay over at NS State. We talked about interfacing the VSAT and VQM Oracle. Basically, we matched up our data parameters and decided to use a simple text stream server that accepts key/value pairs in HTTP encoded format.

The only problem we had is that Vinay has data on inter-frame and intra-frame jitter. It seems that inter-frame jitter is larger than intra-frame, which is why he is measuring these seperately. But I only want one jitter value, especially since I cannot necessarily identify frame boundaries in an RTP dump. So we've sent an email out asking if anyone has a good idea on what formula to use so that both jitter measurements are accounted for but only one jitter value is used.

Posted by josuah at March 12, 2003 10:45 PM UTC+00:00

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