September 7, 2003

C# Compile-Time Errors

I started putting together a Makefile for the C# code Ketan sent to me, but I was having trouble getting it to work the way I wanted. So instead, I put together a C# Ant XML file, and that is working quite well. I can see the attraction of Apache Ant more clearly now, as I've never used an Ant-based build system before.

So I tried building the SimpleMPEGParser program included with the MPEG2Event code, but I ran into a few errors that seem to be related to some conflict between the BitStream and PushbackInputBitStream classes. They appear to define the same class in the same namespace. I've emailed Ketan about this problem.

I haven't yet started porting over my Adaptable Video Java classes to C#, but that is the next thing I have to do for this.

Posted by josuah at September 7, 2003 8:56 PM UTC+00:00

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