October 22, 2003

Security Verfication Failure

For some reason, I cannot get the file attributes or length using DotGNU and Portable .NET. So, I am just bypassing that problem for now, which means no progress bar in the AdaptableVideo class.

However, now that I'm working around that, I've run into a different problem with C#'s security model. I suppose it's good for there to be a security model, but I have no idea why it's working the way it is working. Other than external data cannot be trusted from anywhere, given all the stupid kinds of security holes that Microsoft products suffer from. I'm getting this exception when it tries to return a static matrix:

Uncaught exception: System.Security.VerificationException: Could not verify the code
    at MPEG2Event.IntraQuantiserMatrix.getDefault()
    at MPEG2Event.Macroblock.getNext(BitStream, SequenceHeader, SequenceExtension, PictureHeader, PictureCodingExtension, QuantMatrixExtension, DCPredictor, DCPredictor, DCPredictor, Int32, IntPredictor, Int32&) in ./src/Macroblock.cs:170

I'll have to read up more on the unsafe code "feature" of C#.

Posted by josuah at October 22, 2003 7:45 PM UTC+00:00

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