October 25, 2004

Bad Chie

Chie was very bad last night. He peed on my denim duffel bag and I woke up to hear him cleaning up. So I grabbed Chie and shoved his nose into the urine so he knew what I was going to punish him for. Then I locked him inside the downstairs bathroom and showed him that I put the poop in the toilet (I think he also pooped in the corner of the bathroom last night, because I found some and then I showed him that it goes in the toilet).

Chie remained locked inside the downstairs bathroom for four or five hours. He was scratching and trying to get out and sticking his paw and arm out under the door. But eventually he gave up. When I let Chie out, he was glad to get out but at least he was not scared or mad at me. I was able to pick Chie up and talk to him after letting him out of the bathroom.

Asuka and Niea are learning to use the toilet. Chie is the only problem. I am not sure how to get Chie to use the toilet and only the toilet. He is not learning.

Posted by josuah at October 25, 2004 3:59 AM UTC+00:00

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