October 9, 2004

Cleaning Turtles & Training Cats

Today, I cycled out some of the turtle aquarium water and also put new filtration stuff in. I bought some Ammo-Carb to replace the old carbon in my Fluval 404 canister filter, and also decided to add an undergravel filtration system.

I needed new carbon because the aquarium had gotten extremely cloudy in the past few days, and smelled really bad. This meant there was a build-up of ammonia because my filter was no longer operating correctly. Hopefully the undergravel filtration system will help keep things from getting yucky in the gravel. The two turtles and four snails are now living in a cleaner, but noisier aquarium. The air pump I bought to power the undergravel system is as noisy as the Fluval 404. But it is nice watching the bubbles go up the tubes.

I also saw for the first time Asuka place her two front paws on the seat of the toilet when using it today. This is the major step towards successful toilet training because that means she will begin to use the seat instead of the baking pan for support. I have not seen Niea do it yet. And unfortunately Chie still prefers to poop on the floor in the corner of the bathroom instead of inside the pan. Despite showing him that's where the poop belongs.

Asuka has also decided to join me when I shower by jumping on top of the shower door and crossing over to the windowsill. Niea is more cautious or frightened at jumping onto the 1" wide door top. But she will do it sometimes.

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