October 2, 2004

Love Parade SF

Today, Love Parade comes from Germany to the US. Perhaps the most famous of all electronic music parades, Love Parade is an annual event in Berlin. This year San Francisco will host Love Parade and dozens of DJs and floats and maybe a million people. Love Parade San Francisco begins a Mission & Beale, and goes 1.5 miles to Terry Francois. You're not supposed to stand and watch; you are supposed to mix in with the entire parade and dance.

However, I won't be attending this year's Love Parade. Maybe next year. Mei-Ling, my cousin (I did not know this until recently), is going to be away for work so I will be baby-sitting Shannon and Yvonne. It isn't much of a big deal for me, since I'm not into live venues so much anyway. I prefer to listen to music at home where it sounds good.

We'll probably end up watching some Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water and playing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Yvonne also has to finish her homework, so I'll be helping her with science. And Shannon wants to play Stratego and build something using the Radio Shack Sensorlab I got her for her birthday.

Posted by josuah at October 2, 2004 6:59 PM UTC+00:00

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Author Profile PageGwackie says at October 4, 2004 12:06 AM

Mom feels guilty. Yeah. Guess who she tells that to?

You didn't predict that I would...do something to the house, did you?

Author Profile PageJosuah says at October 4, 2004 2:09 AM

She should not feel guilty. I had lots of fun. And none of my other friends ended up going anyway. At least, Alla didn't, and neither did Szu-Huey. I've never even heard of any of the DJs who were listed as performing there.

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