October 10, 2004

New Fish

Szu-Huey and I went to King Aquarium today. It's the nicest aquarium store I've seen in San Jose so far. I bought an Electric Yellow Cichlid, an Electric Blue Cichlid, two Tiger Barbs, and twenty-four Ghost Shrimp. I've added these to my turtle aquarium, and everyone seems really happy. I bought twenty-four shrimp because I expect some to get eaten, and a very few to breed.

Szu-Huey bought a 2.5 gallon starter aquarium plus carbon filter, a cheap heater, three Neon Tetras, and three Guppies. The three guppies are male and each is a different color: red, blue, and yellow. So now she has a nice little aquarium next to her bed.

Tomorrow, we're going to go back to the aquarium store and get some more fish. Assuming, of course, that the ones we bought today have acclimated okay. Szu-Huey wants to get a shrimp and a snail. I think she should get a more colorful shrimp because her tank is decorated differently and a ghost shrimp would not be as nice. I think I will get some more tiger barbs because they swim in schools, and adding a few more will make it really nice to see that. Maybe another cichlid to make it more exciting. The Kribensis Cichlid looks nice.

Unfortunately, King Aquarium doesn't carry apple snails or more colorful shrimp. At least, we didn't see any other shrimp there and the employee told us they don't have any snails. So instead we'll go to Bangkok Aquarium, which is also a nice place. I know they have apple snails because I bought mine there, as well as a colorful red shrimp (might be a saltwater shrimp though). I don't know if they have tiger barbs though.

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