November 25, 2004

Chie's Urine

Chie urinated on the couch and my leather jacket today. I can wash the couch cushion cover, but I guess I need to bring my jacket in for a professional cleaning. Dryel did not do any good. I am losing patience with Chie. He just won't learn.

I rubbed his nose in the urine on the cushion and jacket and made him watch Asuka and Niea use the toilet. I also rapped him on the head a couple of times and forced him to watch me put the cushion cover in the washing machine. He did not like being in the garage and started to whine and try to get away, scratching up my right hand. I yelled at him when he did this. When he tried to get onto the bed with me, I kicked him off.

I have grabbed my Megatokyo blankets, the flokati rug, and the pet bed (which he urinated on before, and I just finished cleaning) and put them all out of reach. I do not want there to be anything which would encourage Chie to urinate anywhere except the toilet.

Posted by josuah at November 25, 2004 11:21 AM UTC+00:00

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Author Profile Pagehey dude says at November 27, 2004 1:43 AM

Oh, Oh, Oh. Chie, Chie, Chie. I always say," everyone's brain is different." Some are good academically, and some are not. Some cats can be trained and some cannot. Even some little kids wet the bed until they are teenagers. We should be practical and face the reality. Right? Poor Chie.

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