November 29, 2004

Detectable Landmines

Apparently the US has announced that all future landmines will be detectable, as opposed to the historically non-detectable landmines which are still found in many places of the world. The non-detectable versions are left in the battlefield after a battle, and have been known to kill civilians years later. From the article: "The United States is setting an example among the major military powers by being the first to ban all of its persistent landmines -- both anti-personnel and anti-vehicle." The only thing is, if a landmine is detectable, doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Posted by josuah at November 29, 2004 11:19 PM UTC+00:00

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Author Profile Pagehey dude says at November 30, 2004 10:33 PM

It sounds that these landmines have encoded signals whose exact charateristics are only known to the landmine's owner,therefore can only be detected by the owners or by the armies that lay them. After the battle is over, the soldiers can then use a detector to pin point their exact locations by detecting those codes. The enemies do not have the codes and will not be able to find them.

Author Profile PageJosuah says at November 30, 2004 11:33 PM

If they are active, the landmines have to be giving out an RF signal or something similar. Then I can detect them because plants and dirt don't. If they are passive, they have to reply to an external signal. Then I just need to listen for a broadcast when a U.S. soldier is searching and duplicate it, or try spread spectrum broadcasts, or steal the detection information. If I steal a map, then the next time that map does me no good. If I steal the detection protocol, then I can detect all of them.

If each mine is individually coded, then maybe that will work.

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