January 29, 2005

Fahrenheit 9/11

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 the other day. I was extremely interested in what was said, although of course Michael Moore has a personal opinion which the viewer should not forget. However, it is just as important to remember that his opinion and bias comes from what he has learned and the fact he believes in his country and is a patriot of the original sense.

Regardless, I think it is important for people to watch this documentary because this is an example of the sort of questions news magazines are reluctant to fully probe. Especially since the President and his administration are of international importance, but television news has a domestic focus. I've found that reading more international news sources has made it clear how little domestic mainstream news covers.

Perhaps the most telling epitaphs are those of the soldiers and soldiers' families condemning President Bush personally (and by implication those who facilitated recent military action) for what is happening to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Moore also highlights exactly how Orwellian the United States has become by interviewing groups and individuals who have been persecuted under the Patriot Act and expansion of the Department of Homeland Security. Those incidents have barely been covered by domestic news. It's easier for the masses to accept inhumane or unconstitutional treatment of foreigners that the administration wants us to fear, than to see it happening to your neighbor.

That also brings up something that I think is fundamentally wrong with our government. We base our institutional rights on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But the government does not extend those rights to non-U.S. citizens. This goes directly against The Golden Rule, which was used to ensure human civilization, and is more important now than ever since breaking The Golden Rule can result in the death of millions.

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