January 8, 2005

Urine Kitty Bed

I woke up today to discover the toilet roll inside the toilet litter pan had been knocked over, and all the litter used up or dumped into the toilet bowl. As a result, there were two piles of poop in the bathroom corner, but even worse, someone (I assume Chie) had urinated on the kitty bed again!

I think I will have to get rid of the kitty beds, to avoid this from happening in the future. Unfortunately, that means the cats may urinate somewhere even less convenient such as the carpet or a sofa. So maybe I will just have to keep it around as an emergency backup for when they knock out the toilet pan roll.

The thing is, now the kitty bed smells like urine which may encourage a cat to urinate there again. I think the only reason they may not is because the litter in the toilet is more inviting. However, Asuka was sleeping on the kitty bed recently, and this is weeks after Chie last urinated on it, so maybe after I wash the covering and try to sterilize the filling (cedar chips in a sealed bag, so that is difficult) it won't smell like urine to the cats anymore.

I should move to a larger opening soon.

Posted by josuah at January 8, 2005 7:31 PM UTC+00:00

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