March 14, 2005

Building Motorboats

I went to visit Shannon and Yvonne today. Yvonne has to build a motorboat for her class, and Shannon is going to build some for her science fair project. She wants to race five boats built out of different things to find out which construction material lets the boat go fastest. We went to Michaels, Radio Shack, and HobbyTown USA to buy a wooden boat model, a motor, and propellors respectively.

We were able to finish Shannon's plastic boat, using a old SunnyD bottle and tape. We built the wooden boat model but it doesn't displace enough water to float once the motor is attached. So our plan is to attach a couple of pontoons built out of hollowed out wooden dowels. Shannon also wants to build an aluminum boat, paper boat, and a boat out of cloth made waterproof with wax.

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