March 27, 2005

FF X Complete

I finished Final Fantasy X Thursday night. I ended up not doing all of the side-quests that I knew about. These side quests didn't seem to do as much for character development as side-quests have done in earlier Final Fantasy games. It was a little rough going at the end, because it really helps to have a good strategy against some enemies. But finally got through to defeat the final boss and see the beautiful and touching final cinematography. I don't think the ending is as powerful as the one for Final Fantasy IX, however.

FF:X does introduce a new turn-based combat system which is probably the only turn-based system that does not feel slow or simplistic. Each character's agility statistic determines their initiative. And each character also has both an initial specific strength or skill that makes them valuable during combat, but you do not need to worry about having a semi-useless character in battle because you can switch characters in and out during combat.

Plus, the sphere-grid system for powering-up your character statistics and abilities encourages specific character development (e.g. focusing Lulu on magic and Auron on strength) while allowing you enough freedom to customize character development. A good example of this is putting Rikku on either Yuna or Lulu's track to develop her as a magic user. Or giving Wakka some of the status attacks off Auron's track.

The game does suffer from linearity. As with other Final Fantasy games, you are given choice of where to go after getting the airship. However, you get control over the airship late in the game, and can only land at specific points in the world. That being said, there are side-quests to complete once you have that freedom, and some of them are interesting.

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