March 5, 2005

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - The Motion Picture

I watched Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - The Motion Picture last night. Unfortunately, it is pretty bad.

This 90 minute sequel to the television series takes place a couple of years after the original adventure and includes the original voice actors, but the entire movie is an amateur attempt.

The plot is simplistic, the new character designs lack depth, there is absolutely no character development, and the animation is unpolished. The first thirty minutes of the movie involve flashbacks of the television series, which is difficult considering the length of the original series. Then there is quite a bit of rushing around as an evil madman attempts to take over the world. The presented situation of Jéan, Nadia, and the other characters do not match up with what you would expect after the series.

My advice would be to ignore this installation of Nadia, as it only messes up what was great about the original series.

Posted by josuah at March 5, 2005 9:13 AM UTC+00:00

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