March 15, 2005


I decided to watch Underworld again the other night. I would guess it's the 4th time I've watched it. It's not a super-polished movie, but I like the mythology behind the movie, the action, the character Selene, and the mood from the scenes and the immersive audio.

There is a messed-up audio mix at one point early in the movie when Craven is talking to Selene. Craven's voice is much too hollow, as if talking in a large open area instead of in the sound-absorbant study that the scene is taking place in. And when Craven tells Erika to leave the room, her reaction is too sudden and thus seems forced. I also hate the layer change delay on the disc that is due to my player's limitations.

But it is a very enjoyable movie, if a bit high on the SPL meter for the majority of the movie.

Posted by josuah at March 15, 2005 5:53 PM UTC+00:00

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