April 2, 2005

Business Trip to SF

IBM sent me on a business trip this past week up to San Francisco. IBM held a information class for business partners about TotalStorage Productivity Center. I was sent up last-minute to help out with any technical problems that might occur and to provide answers for any technical questions the business partners might have. IBM is going to reimburse me for the hotel, parking, and food. I went up on Sunday night and got back yesterday evening.

On Monday, I had to buy a belt before the class because I forgot mine and I needed to dress up in for the business partners. Although I don't think they would have cared that much if I was dressed up or not since one of the IBM sales reps was wearing jeans and sneakers. And one of the coordinators was wearing a T-shirt. That night, I went to JapanTown to eat at a restaurant there called On The Bridge. I also stopped by the Kinokuniya bookstore, although I didn't buy anything.

Tuesday night the IBM coordinator took a bunch of us out to eat at Grand Palace Restaurant on IBM's tab. Most of the business partners didn't know what they were going to be eating, as this was a touristy authentic Chinese restaurant. One of the business partners knows a decent amount about Chinese food and ordered a beef tendon clay pot, jellyfish, and also sea cucumbers. I don't like any of those foods myself.

Before dinner, I walked around Chinatown looking for anything to buy. I ended up getting a copy of Boa - Listen to my Heart. I also wanted to get a copy of 2009 Lost Memories but I wasn't sure if it was a pirated version or not. The girl who worked at the store said it was because it was All-Region, but I think all Korean DVDs are All-Region.

Wednesday night I had dim sum with one of the IBM sales representatives. Originally, there were going to be a handful of people, but two of them were too hungry to wait, and the other people we were going to meet up with ended up having dinner plans with other people. We didn't know where to find a place that would serve dim sum for dinner, but after walking around for a while we found a restaurant that did: Four Seasons Restaurant on Grant Avenue.

Thursday night, Szu-Huey drove up. To avoid parking fees, she left her car at a Target in Daly City and I drove out to pick her up. By the time we got back into the city, it was kind of late so we walked around and ate a nice Italian dinner at a restaurant called Mangia Tucci. It was located off the main streets and almost empty for dinner. Apparently they are busy during lunch.

Friday, the class ended around noon. I stuck around a little longer until all the other people left, as one or two of them still had some questions for me. I left for San Jose around 3pm and got back home around 5pm.

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