April 19, 2005

Ripley's Game

Last night Szu-Huey and I watched Ripley's Game, the sequel to The Talented Mr. Ripley. The sequel has a very different pace and tone, however, and I am not sure that John Malkovich is the best representation of the Tom Ripley portrayed by Matt Damon in the first film. Certainly John Malkovich is a much more mellow Tom Ripley. The impersonation and plotting is not there so much though.

In the first movie, Tom Ripley is someone who has no real identity and so latches on to the identity of others. Matching their expectations of who he is supposed to be. Struggling with his own inadequacies and lack of identity. This characteristic of Tom Ripley is not present in the sequel. Perhaps rightly so, as the sequel takes place decades later after Tom has set himself up as his own person. But I think that makes this sequel lacking in intensity.

Perhaps the film would have fared better if the picture-framer Jonathan Trevanny had been the true main character. He is the one who struggles most during the film, but in a less exotic manner than Tom did in the first film.

I suppose it isn't surprising that the official movie web site was never updated with additional information.

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