May 22, 2005


Friday night I finished the epic graphic novel Bone by Jeff Smith. The collected series is a massive 1300 pages in a single volume, spanning thirteen years of work. This novel is, in my estimation, a hallmark work in the graphic novel genre, deserving to be alongside other works such as Maus and Blankets.

Bone is the story of three brothers from Boneville who find themselves run out of town and into the most fantastic adventure. The characterization is strong because of Jeff Smith's artistic skills and the effort he placed into the dialogue. The artwork is both simple to view but deep in its use of lines and contrast. Unfortunately, the single collected volume is in black and white and the color version would be much more enjoyable to read. I also found a wonderful dash of humor throughout the book, and did find myself laughing out loud, which is a rare thing for me.

I did have a very hard time putting down this book, which is a necessity given the length and weight of the volume. It's excellent and I highly recommend it.

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