June 4, 2005

House of Flying Daggers

Movie night was House of Flying Daggers. Szu-Huey, Rodney, and Zhao attended, plus three new IBM interns: Tracy, Tiffany, and David. The three of them had a coop dinner before hand, so they pretty much just showed up for the movie. I thought it was a very well done artistic movie, but unless you appreciate that aspect of the film, it can seem like there are things that don't make sense or are silly. But I do have to agree that dropping your weapon is a stupid thing to do, regardless of what is going on.

What may not be entirely obvious is that this is actually a love triangle movie, and not a martial arts action movie, or one with a particularly driving plot. The focus is instead of the differing aspects, beliefs, and emotional issues that come out of love. Especially when a person is asked to choose, but cannot because love, duty, and morality disagree or introduce uncertainty into one's decisions.

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