June 20, 2005

Shannon + Yvonne Sleepover

Last night, Shannon and Yvonne slept over. I picked up Yvonne from her volunteer job at The Discovery Store and then got Shannon from home.

We watched the first volume of Azumanga Daioh, which Yvonne didn't want to like because it is by the same author of Fruits Basket. But I was right and she did like it. So did Shannon.

After that we watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. I originally didn't want to watch the movie until after reading the manga, but then I learned that the movie only covers part I of the manga. So I figure it's okay, especially since Miyazaki Hayao was so involved in the film's production. There were some slow-moving parts, which bored Shannon. She has a very short attention span.

This morning, Yvonne and I watched Elizabeth, which she found to be very bloody. Even though it isn't particularly bloody at all. Shannon stayed upstairs playing Warcraft III.

Then, since we didn't have anything else to do, we went to The Tech Museum of Innovation. They had some pretty cool stuff there, and it was lots of fun. But we got there pretty late around 3:15pm and they close at 5:00pm. So we didn't get to go through the whole place. We'll probably go back some other time. For dinner we ate at Johnny Rockets.

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