June 7, 2005

Vines Cleared

I cleared the last of vines out of the backyard today. The ground is pretty yucky looking, with all the dead vegetation and leftover bits, but at least it isn't overgrown. I'm going to have to do something more to make sure it stays that way, as tall grass is already starting to grow back in the areas I cleared out weeks ago. Next stop is to buy some of that grass and weed killer stuff and spray it everywhere. I do still have to clean-up the plants growing in the little shelf area along the back fence.

Unfortunately, today I saw that part of my back fence had fallen down. It looks like the entire back fence that is adjacent to one of the houses is almost completely rotted away and the rest of it is likely to fall soon. The back fence that is adjacent to the other house is still in good condition. It doesn't look as old.

Posted by josuah at June 7, 2005 2:45 AM UTC+00:00

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