July 31, 2005


Last night I watched 2LDK, a relatively short Japanese film that was produced as part of a gentleman's bet between two Japanese directors. The basic premise of the film is how things can get out of control between two rival women vying for the same role in a new film. Both women have somewhat unstable personalities and personal demons, but of types that are no doubt very common. Little differences, accidents, and misunderstandings grow into jealousy, spite, hate, and then rage.

At the start of the film, I felt compelled to root for one of the two women. I think most audience members would do the same. But which woman you want to succeed probably has a great deal to do with your own personality. Later, once all of their demons are unleashed, it becomes much harder to side with any one of the two.

It is an extremely intense and captivating picture. I also ended up watching all of the special features because I thought it was so good. I do wish I could pick up the Japanese version, or at least a version that allows the Japanese subtitles to be turned off. Plus, I could tell that the English translation had been done to capture the sentiment of the dialogue, but with an inaccurate translation. Many times my translation of the Japanese words did not match those of the subtitles.

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