July 10, 2005

Fluke - Puppy

I picked up a copy of Puppy by Fluke. Their previous album, Risotto, was one of the best electronic albums ever released. Puppy does not contain the same sort of music as Risotto, and while my initial impression is that Puppy is very good, I'm not sure it is as groundbreaking as Risotto was.

Puppy has some excellent new material, but I found that it reminded me more of a combination of artists like The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers, and of course Fluke themselves. I think Fluke decided to experiment with their presentation and style a bit more on Puppy. It comes off extremely well, but the fact it reminds me of other artists prevents me from declaring it as important as Risotto.

I haven't finished listening to the entire album yet, and the later tracks seem to have entered a much more downtempo area. So my above comment is not to say the entire album has the harsher edge reminiscent of The Crystal Method or The Chemical Brothers. In fact, I think the track I have stopped on is more like some Jan Johnson tracks from Paul Van Dyk.

Posted by josuah at July 10, 2005 3:06 AM UTC+00:00

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