August 21, 2005

Final Fantasy X-2

I've finally completed Final Fantasy X-2. This is a very interesting and new type of Final Fantasy. The majority of this game is free-form and composed of small quests and mini-games. Completing the story does not require you to explore most of what is available. Because of this, I only completed the game with 78% of the quests, and there is a new option New Game Plus that allows you to play through a second time with the items and completion percentage you finished the game with. So as to allow you to aim for 100%.

Unfortunately, because of the side quest and mini-game nature, the central story line can sometimes feel disconnected. That's not to say that is a bad thing, but it does mean you may often put the central story line on hold for several hours as you are exploring. People who complain about Final Fantasy games being too linear may welcome this change. I found it a nice approach, but one which I would not want most Final Fantasy games to use.

The combat system is also new. The technology has improved so that action is even more real-time, with multiple players executing their turns simultaneously. The character switching from Final Fantasy X has a slightly different twist now, with Yuna, Rikku, or Paine being able to change their job during combat in the style of magical-girl anime. I found this pretty interesting, and wouldn't be unhappy to see it carried into future Final Fantasy games. Although I doubt that will be the case, as Square Enix will continue to try and improve on the combat system.

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