August 19, 2005

Sin City

I just watched the movie adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City. It was quite impressive and an amazing technical achievement in how well it achieved the original look of the graphic novels. Not only is the film noir look taken to a new level, but the plot is both excellent (from the stories) and the execution so closely follows Frank Miller's vision. The detailed and stylistic world of the graphic novels is rendered beautifully. This is a film worth watching more than once.

I was surprised, after watching the film, to recall critics claiming the film is derogatory towards women. Unlike many older film noir productions, women are not portrayed as weak. There is still the classic scenario of the man saving the woman, but in Sin City, women are incredibly strong characters. In fact, I would argue that in Sin City, the clear approach is for both men and women to have embraced and strengthened those aspects that differentiate between the sexes.

Posted by josuah at August 19, 2005 3:53 AM UTC+00:00

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