September 7, 2005

Sex and Lucia

I watched Sex and Lucia last night. It was a lot better than I expected, and also not what I was expecting at all. The portrayal of sex and love is raw and uninhibited. In some ways, because of that, it is more pure and innocent than what you will find in other films. This is not a movie that confuses the romance of love with the truths of love. It is filled with lust, love, torture, betrayal, trust, and loss.

I found the film to be totally engrossing. Like the story Lorenzo is writing, it grabs you, and won't let go. These are people who you will come to care for, because of their flaws and their strengths. There are thin threads that bind the characters together. Threads built on chance encounters and shared secrets and sex. They are built on intimacy. And these threads are extremely strong.

What I think I found most compelling was that throughout the film, you will come to understand each of the characters. Understand what is driving them, and what they are searching for. And that it will always feel right. There is never a time when you will feel betrayed by their actions, feelings, or how they change. Instead, their essence is shared, and it is a honest one.

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