September 2, 2005


I watched the original Russian movie adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's novel Solaris. Solyaris follows the book very faithfully, and is filled with all of the thought goodies that the book throws around. Unfortunately, it's kind of a really boring movie because of how the director, Tarkovsky, made the film.

I actually ended up fast-forwarding through a good chunk of the movie. It's almost three hours long, and I think I shortened it by about half an hour with my fast forwarding. There are simply too many meaningless shots and sequences. The conversations can be interesting, but there is way too much time spent on just following someone walk around or even just looking at something when nothing is happening. Too boring.

Also, the background music, when there was some, could get quite grating on the ears. Totally dischordant at times when there wasn't any dischord going on in the film. The audio mixing wasn't so great either, with voice being way too loud sometimes, and other noises being too quiet in comparison.

As for the acting, only Hari, played by Natalya Bondarchuk, seemed to actually have any talent. And I did think she was pretty good. But the rest of the characters seemed to lack any depth of personality and emotion.

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