September 25, 2005

Super Size Me

Super Size Me is a documentary about one pretty healthy guy deciding to find out what would happen to his body if he ate McDonald's, and only McDonald's, for thirty days. Three meals a day, and the only thing he can eat must be something he can purchase from McDonald's. This is a very popular documentary because it is a human experiment that produces dramatic results. The short summary is that the subject, Morgan Spurlock, quickly enters an unhealthy state, and just as quickly a life-threatening state.

There are several great things about this documentary. The first is the subject: fast food and America's growing obesity problem. This is something that became very hot in the last few years, and resulted in a lawsuit against McDonald's for supposedly producing extremely unhealthy food, marketed to the public and young children with a tendency towards unhealthy consumption.

The second is that this is a real human experiment. This isn't a bunch of people talking about scientific research or theorizing about cause and effect. Morgan tries it out for himself, and keeps track of what's happening to his body by bringing doctors and nutritionists into play. Of course, a lot of content is provided by "experts" and other important people involved in this scene, as any documentary has.

But probably the greatest part of the documentary is that it isn't boring. It is completely non-boring at all times. It's funny, wacky, entertaining, informative, engaging, and all of this at the same time throughout the film. This is partly due to great editing and post-production, but also due to the comedic view Morgan has about this whole topic.

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