October 3, 2005

Anatomie / Anatomie 2

Christian's wife, Gabi, recommended a couple of German films to me: Anatomie and Anatomie 2. The first film stars Franka Potente as a medical student that becomes the target of the Anti-Hippocratic Society, that is willing to kill people to further their own anatomical studies. The second is slightly different, involving the same society going to great lengths with themselves as the medical subjects.

The two films are a little different in their style. The first is more of a horror film, and Franka is being chased down by people who want to kill her because she knows too much. The second is a little freakish because the self-inflicted medical experiments give the subjects superhuman strength. Since you know what's going on, it's not really horror so much as a thriller. Franka Potente also plays an extremely small role in the sequel, although her father from the movie Lola Rennt plays the part of villain.

I will say that Anatomie is a decent horror film, because it's not just your typical slasher movie. But there's some pretty gross stuff shown on screen, which is not unexpected based on the title. Anatomie 2 doesn't show so much gross stuff, but there are still a lot of medical scalpels being used.

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