October 6, 2005

Catwoman (2004)

I didn't have any desire to see Catwoman in the theaters because it was not based on the DC Comics Catwoman. This was not Selina Kyle, and it was not Gotham. But after watching the movie, it's clear that it is based on the comic character, but changed to suit the creators of this specific film. That being said, I thought the story and character development was lacking. But it is an okay action flick. I'm not a fan of the Hip-Hop soundtrack either.

I do think Halle Berry did a good job at acting feline. Her movements were exceptionally accurate, although people who do not live with cats may think they are exaggerated or fake. I didn't like the jumpy action sequences though, which really did not allow one to follow what was happening. Her wall-climbing abilities are acceptable if you view that as one of her powers, in comic book fashion, but my expectations are for something much more realistic based on the comics. And this performance and the director's view are too different.

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