October 10, 2005

Eric's Hawaiian BBQ

Alla met someone working at Google named Eric, and he invited her to a Hawaiian Barbecue Party today. She invited me, so we made some macaroni salad (mostly made by Alla) and got there a little early to help set up. A number of people showed up, most of them also employees from Google, although there was one from Cisco technical support, and another person from a company I didn't recognize, like DML. Eric spent quite a long time putting together some really great food, which I guess he was working on since 6:30am. Alla and I spent most of our time talking to some people named Nate, David, and David's girlfriend.

I had a good time; it was pretty fun just talking to Nate because he was a funny guy. And the food was really good. Of course Alla was having a good time too, although she got sleepy after a while and never got a chance to nap. She ate a lot of food too, but at least it was good food. She particularly liked the fried rice that Eric made. Georges didn't come because he decided to go sky-diving.

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