October 15, 2005


I had never been interested in the artwork of Frida Kahlo because they always appeared somewhat ugly to me. But after watching the film, I think it is a mistake to introduce people to Frida via her self-portraits. Her other artwork is much more provocative and revealing. Although the movie helped to explain a lot of what was behind her artwork, based on her life.

I enjoyed the movie, and especially how the dramatic storytelling brought the character of Frida and her history to life. The special effects were an excellent way to illustrate her perspective on life, enabling the viewer to more intimately connect with her emotions and the source of her inspiration. I also loved how color was emphasized in the film in the same way as it was in her paintings. And Selma Hayek did an amazing job at acting.

Posted by josuah at October 15, 2005 5:42 AM UTC+00:00

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