November 14, 2005

Black Pasty Stuff

Mei-Ling took me to see that guy I mentioned earlier. He examined my foot and told me that it swollen with liquid, where there is a bump on the top of my foot. He poked other places on my foot and ankle and rotated my foot around, and it didn't hurt other places. The rotating hurt, of course, but not too bad. Anyway, he gave me some black pasty stuff to make a compress from each night. I'm supposed to put it on at 9:30pm each night and keep it on while I sleep. That should get the swelling down in a few days, and he gave me enough of the stuff for a week. Yuliya is afraid it might be broken, so she told me to go see a doctor if the swelling is still there after a couple of days.

Posted by josuah at November 14, 2005 2:34 AM UTC+00:00

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Author Profile Pagedrivenice says at November 14, 2005 2:30 PM

Woah, yeah I'd stop by a medical doctor soon (even a podiatrist?). I mean, it's your foot, you have to walk on it for another 60 years.

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