November 23, 2005

Energy Saved

November is the first month that Pacific Gas & Electric bumps up the baseline quantity by a lot, to match the increase in heating requirements. It also means this is the first month that I can see the benefits of the insulation I had installed earlier this year.

I am using the same thermostat setting as last year. Data from the Weather Underground indicates much warmer daytime temperatures this year. My hot water and central heat is gas-powered. This year I used 1.0 therms/day compared to 3.2 therms/day last year. However, I used 18.6Kwh/day this year compared to 15.6Kwh/day last year. I could probably save more by replacing the front and interior garage doors. My back downstairs windows are okay, even though they weren't replaced when the rest of the windows were, because I have them covered in blackout cloth which prevents a lot of air movement.

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