November 20, 2005

Waking Life

I wanted to see Waking Life when I first heard about it. Partially for its unique artistic rendering technique and partially for its subject matter. I also thought it was a film from Ethan Hawke, who is one of my favorite actors. Unfortunately, the subject matter was uninspiring and Ethan Hawke had only a very minor role.

If you're an aspiring philosopher with no ideas of your own, or an amateur philosopher looking for more fluff to pad your public ranting, then you should take a look at this film. If, however, you've already thought about things like this, then there's nothing new for you to find here. In which case, I might recommend playing the movie on mute, with some interesting music of your own as accompaniment.

Posted by josuah at November 20, 2005 7:20 AM UTC+00:00

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