December 30, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Tim Burton's remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is amazing. I've loved all of his films, and watching this remake lends his dark sense of humor to the story without removing any of the charm that the original film starring Gene Wilder had. And Johnny Depp portrays an amazing Willy Wonka; I can't imagine a better actor for the role.

The new Oompa Loompa songs are great, and executed on the grand scale that everyone would have liked to have seen in the first version. They're voiced by Danny Elfman, who I think also did the score, and has been a staple of Tim Burton films. I like Danny Elfman's scores in general, and the music for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was also great.

Plus, all of the latest technological advances are taken advantage of here, so that Oompa Loompas are really tiny, and the factory really is huge, and all of the little strange things that take place look real instead of faked. It is really funny to see Deep Roy show up dozens of times side-by-side as the Oompa Loompas, and the glass elevator gag is amazingly classic.

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