December 28, 2005


Heat is a criminal versus cop thriller, starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, with other excellent actors in supporting roles. There are two aspects to this movie. The first is the conflict between these two. They are both extremely intelligent and constantly in a game trying to outwit the other. The second is what makes this more than your typical thriller, and that is the time spent showing the motiviations of everyone involved, and the collateral damage resulting from their actions.

There are some memorable quotes in this film, which take on particular meaning in the lives of the people involved. For the criminals, the police officers, and the people their lives are entwined with. I was also very impressed with the gunfight sequence that took place in the middle of Las Angeles streets, which involved heavy firepower like AR-47 machine guns and the coordinated movements of the criminal crew.

The only thing which I think may be a problem is the length of the movie. That time is used to illustrate everything that the director wanted to convey to the audience, but it was somewhat slow moving as a result. The tension is kept high throughout, however, so the majority of viewers should be fine with it.

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