December 7, 2005

Natural Born Killers

Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis were amazing as mass murderers in Natural Born Killers. The first quarter of the movie was not as appealing to me, because of its random but stylized approach towards explaining where the Knox's came from. Then things moved into a more agreeable view of the random and tumultuous lives of Mickey and Mallory. I could appreciate this, even if it left me disoriented. It's the final third of the movie where things really come together and the ideas are cemented into a tangible form.

Is there really anything unnatural or wrong in being natural born killers? In the natural order of things, the rabbits breed at an explosive rate. And the other creatures above those rabbits in the food chain benefit. But mankind puts some sort of special meaning onto the rabbits of its own species. It's a nihilistic view when taken as a whole, but one that makes sense when analyzed locally.

At the same time, sex and violence are the two things which will draw the crowds like nothing else. Rubbernecking at an automobile accident isn't much different than watching the news to find out about a murder. And then people gather around to talk about how awful it was for someone to have been killed, just like they talk about the Clinton sex scandal. It's addictive gossip.

Maybe in the end, all you should really care about is yourself. It's not as though you can count on the rest of the rabbits to protect you when the wolf comes.

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