December 14, 2005

The Magdalene Sisters

The Magdalene Sisters is a historical fiction based on the accounts of women who spent time in the Magdalene institution. A lot of people think this is a criticism of Catholics. Those people are finding meaning where there is none. The movie is about the corruption and cruelty of the Magdalene institution and the tacit approval of the situation by the community.

The unfortunate truth is that this institution survived until 1996, and that some of the abuses that took place there were much worse than those depicted in the film. At times during the movie I wished the women there would organize a revolt and simply kill off all the nuns and priests so they could escape and be free again.

If you want to see a documentary instead of a dramatization, take a look at Sex in a Cold Climate. It was a Channel 4 documentary and features interviews with some women who lived through a Magdalene asylum in Ireland.

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