December 24, 2005

Tuxedo Gin

After fifteen volumes, Tuxedo Gin has finally come to its conclusion. And it's a nice ending to the touching story of Ginji and Minako's unfortunate situation. Ginji and Minako fell in love but he was murdered by a bad gang leader before their first date. Since then, Ginji has been looking over Minako as a penguin. The penguin is the reason I originally bought the first book.

The remaining volumes are spent building the bond between Gin-Chan (penguin-form Ginji) and Minako, with lots of little things happening along the way that are usually half fun and half Gin-Chan saving the day. Sometimes it felt a little bit like filler, but overall it was fun to read. Unfortunately, the last volume seems a little rushed, as if pages that would normally have been included to keep the plot moving smoothly and clearly were left out.

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