December 17, 2005

Walk on Water

Walk on Water is a contemporary film about growing up with, and having one's world view shaped by, the ghosts of World War II and the violent shadow between Israelis and Palestinians. This is a story of an Israeli who kills Nazis that escaped "justice" and the German brother and sister he ends up with as a result of his current mission. The two of them are able to teach him what it is like to live with the sins of their fathers, and how to overcome that. He teaches them what it is like to live in a place filled with hatred and violence.

There is a lot to be gotten out of this movie. By itself, the story and characters are simple enjoyable. Lior Ashkenazi provides an outstanding performance as the Israeli assassin Eyal. Knut Berger also does an excellent job as the German brother Axel Himmelman. And there is some great music and intrigue going on throughout that makes this a fun and gripping movie to watch.

But there is a whole layer of subtext that runs through every scene as well. It is important to take these ideas and commentary as a whole, because what you see at one time is related to what you will see at another time. One such example is the conflict between Eval and an Arab named Rafik, which is later on related to the conflict between some drag queens and some guys that try to beat them up.

I think in a lot of ways this film is about finding a way to heal the wounds that have been inflicted, and wounds that people continue to inflict upon themselves because they cannot find a way to move forward. Understanding what it takes to walk on water and then being able to get to that point of enlightenment is something special.

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